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No matter where I end up going in the world, I believe that there is no time to miss another place. Enjoy where you are at that moment. The world is so interconnected and easy to travel around, if you miss something hard enough then within 24 hours you can be there and realise that what was in your head probably isn’t that reflective of reality.

What is this?

I suppose this is a blog, I know that’s what I intended but it seems to have morphed into something else. What exactly, who knows but it’s a general collection of helpful tips, deep and strange thoughts, and general overviews of places I’ve been. As a marketer I should know to keep this focused to one demographic, a single mindset and do that well. But I guess I wasn’t a good student and this is a mix up of loads of different things. One thing I’ve tried to do is make it easy to navigate so you can get to what interests you the most, easily. Look at the top, pick what you’re interested in and start reading, I’m sure there is something that will make your travels easier, give you a laugh or even something worthwhile reading.

I hope you enjoy it and as always, thanks for reading!