The Second Leg: South America

7 months. 7 countries. 31 cities. countless towns and dozens of mountains. How has this day arrived already? From arriving in Bogota, Colombia to finishing in Sao Paulo, Brasil. It’s been nothing but amazing experiences and huge learning curves. The question keeps niggling at me, have I changed after all this travel? Was South America what I thought it would be? Was everyone right about what they told me to expect? I don’t think anyone knows what this brilliant continent is like, until you have been here and seen it.

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The First Leg

It’s been 44 days and the first leg has come to an end. I’ve been traveling through Canada and parts of the US since late June. Since it is the first leg of my travels, it’s been interesting to see how I’m going to settle into this way of life. Now that I’m at the end of North America, I find I’m only now starting to feel what I expected would eventually come. I’m now wondering if this is a good idea, how I’m going to deal with South America, how I can make the money last, how I stop following the tourist path, the list goes on. I am however, also feeling prepared to carry on the challenge. I’m kind of glad that I’m feeling like this. I was worried that I was immune to the moment of stress and anxiety that everyone else experiences. Although I think it makes you more excited about what’s ahead when a few nerves set in.Continue reading