Complete Packing List for Long Term Travel

This is definitely one of the most searched aspects of long term travel. The most worrying aspect of travelling isn’t safety, health, budgets, but your packing list. It may sound irrelevant in the face of some of the other aspects but! When you’re travelling for a year or more, then your backpack is your home. I am travelling in warm climates mainly so this makes my packing list that bit easier to prepare for. I will be hiking, spending time in cities, beaching it, busing, flying, camping and staying in hostels. Amongst other things. So it’s difficult to prepare for everything but this is what I have researched and believe will keep me going.

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The Importance of Family

I suppose I couldn’t leave without writing about the support of family in helping me make long term travel possible. I’ve read a few blog posts about how family and friends can actually be against travelling when someone decides to pack it all in and leave. I can’t imagine it. I’ve received nothing but positive words and offer of advice and help. In fact most of them said it was about time I buggered off! Charming.

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Travel Insurance for Backpackers

This is a necessity! Do I really need it? YES YOU DO. I’m not saying this because I’ve gone out and spent loads on it (I’ll explain why shortly), but because you’re crazy not to be covered while traveling. I’ve discovered that finding travel insurance is a minefield. There are so many sites, mainly bloggers, that tell you which one to buy, why it’s amazing and that it covers you for everything! but it’s a lie. They make money off the insurance companies when referring you so it’s likely they are elaborating the truth. Insurance will not cover you for everything. If you think about it, the insurance companies have heard it all and they have built in conditions which mean they won’t be fooled again/they have to avoid paying out for claims. So! That means you have to read the fine print. No one said preparation would be easy or fun, read this post if you want the hard truth. Either way this is what I learnt when choosing my travel insurance.

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Credit Cards and Finance while Travelling

Well this is a fun subject. It’s not the nicest part of travel preparation but it’s crucial you know what fees and restrictions you have by accessing your money overseas. Credit cards have loads of hidden fees and by knowing what you should watch out for you can work your way around paying any undue money to banking institutions. They make enough as it is, don’t let them take any more than they should from your savings.

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Surviving the long countdown to departure

The problem with going travelling long term is the wait. It’s obviously not a decision that you can make and just get up and go. Well really you could but for most it takes some prepping. I’ve never been a completely organised person. Sort the main things and work out the small bits as you go. Since I’ve had so long to prepare, I’m making myself more anxious. I can’t WAIT to get going and start this massive experience. I want to know if it’s going to be the same as what is in my head. To see how long I last before running out of cash or running out of steam. Whether I can truly keep this blog up and running! (I’m determined on that one though). Will it change my outlook and make me a better person or worse?

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Aren’t you scared of travelling alone as a female?

Tackling questions that come up so often when people ask me about my travels. Why are you doing it? Where are you going? Who are you going with? Oh…. Aren’t you scared of travelling alone as a female? Well in all honesty it hasn’t been a huge factor in my decision to go travelling. So am I scared? Not really. I’ll do what I can to stay safe and aware. You’re never guaranteed safety even at home. Travelling does’t need to be scary if you just become responsible for your surroundings.

soloI’m generally aware of being as safe as possible even when I’m around places I know well. If you’re heading home at night alone then stick around busy places. Don’t go to the top of the bus if there are seats lower down. Let someone know you’re on your way home and talk to someone if you can. That way they can expect your text or call. Or just call a cab and ensure a safe ride home. These are things we know but not all do as we can get complacent. You never know when you can get in a dangerous situation. But you can do what you can to avoid it.

I’ve been reading up on other solo females out in the world travelling. Check My Library for some great blogs. Top tips that I’ve got from them and what I plan to do on the road:

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6 Reasons Why I’m Going Travelling

I sometimes feel insane for undertaking this adventure. To leave the security of a good job at the age of 30 and take off to travel indefinitely. Here are my 6 reasons. Hopefully they inspire you to take on that adventure you’ve been thinking about doing for years but found too many excuses to avoid it. Regardless if it is travel or starting your own business, don’t continue to give your time to something that doesn’t interest you.

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Vaccinations. What do you need, how much are they and how long do you need to plan for.

Vaccinations are a necessary evil. No one likes getting injections especially when I’ve now tallied up 10 in the last 4 weeks! They are necessary and will save you a lot of trouble on the road. Especially when some countries won’t let you in unless you have a vaccination certificate. My travel clinic is brilliant! I’ve got so much advice from my doctor (Dr Abdul Majid Mukadam) who is an avid travel himself and is really supportive of my trip and requirements. I’ve partnered with them for my site, so if you need any travel vaccinations head to Your Travel Clinic located at the Akerman Health Centre between Brixton and Oval in London. They have been so helpful, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

So here are some steps you need to follow and my advice on where to go to research what you need.

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5 tips for saving money to travel. The hardest preparation for any trip.

Out of everyone that knows me, they would not understand how I have managed to save the money I’ve banked for my travels. It is by far the hardest part of going travelling. Even once you decide you are going, you need to put your excitement on ice until you have enough cash to set off. Here are 5 tips on what I did to save money for my travels. It’s not fun and it takes a lot of focus on the end goal but if you’re determined then it’s achievable. I reckon this doesn’t just apply to travel but to anything you’re planning which you know will take a lot of initial investment. I hope it helps!

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