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Hostel Etiquette: 5 Simple Steps

After travelling through hostels for 5 months, I’ve learnt a few things myself and from others ‘mistakes’, It’s more likely that they were being arrogant or selfish but whichever, here are a few simple rules:

  1. Pack OUTSIDE of the room

    If you have an early start, don’t be annoying and pack loudly at 5am while others are trying to sleep. They will hate you. Trust me they tell me at breakfast later on.

  2. Keep your stuff to yourself

    There is no need to take over the whole room. Pick a spot and keep your stuff there, no one wants to be dodging your dirty underwear and smelly towel.

  3. Shut up

    If others are sleeping then go outside to talk or just shut up. The end.

  4. Avoid switching on the giant beam of light at midnight

    There is just no need and when others need to get up for a trek at 2.30am, you become an instant a**hole.

  5. Don’t leave the bathroom like a swimming pool after you shower

    There is nothing more annoying than dropping something on the floor and picking it up soaking wet. It is always because of the last person to shower. You are not the only person using the bathroom.

So I hope these five steps help you to avoid being that annoying person that everyone can’t wait until they’ve gone. Just respect others and don’t be selfish, and you’ll do just fine.

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