5 tips for saving money to travel. The hardest preparation for any trip.

Out of everyone that knows me, they would not understand how I have managed to save the money I’ve banked for my travels. It is by far the hardest part of going travelling. Even once you decide you are going, you need to put your excitement on ice until you have enough cash to set off. Here are 5 tips on what I did to save money for my travels. It’s not fun and it takes a lot of focus on the end goal but if you’re determined then it’s achievable. I reckon this doesn’t just apply to travel but to anything you’re planning which you know will take a lot of initial investment. I hope it helps!

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Spending time in Rome. Aperol Spritz anyone?

WP_20150904_16_33_53_RichWho doesn’t dream of spending time in Rome? It’s a gorgeous city and covered in history. I mean that literally everything is historic. Throughout, there are beautiful little lanes to roam around. Snatch up a gelato to keep you going between landmarks. Or if you’re like me, you got tired and had a lovely Aperol Spritz in the sunshine. Bliss.

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Ski Weekend in Chamonix, France!

Skiing the slopes of the French Alps is one of the most amazing experiences. You feel so small amongst the peaks around Mont Blanc. A few friends and I had a ski weekend in Chamonix recently. It was a great ski resort and one of the best weekends. So here is what we got up to with a few spots worth checking out. Also I’ve highlighted the best places to ski within the resort, something we couldn’t find when we were preparing. So hopefully this will prepare you more than we were.

Flegere, Chamonix.

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Taking the leap towards long term travel, it’s LydsTime.

It’s what we all hear most people say, “I’m going to quit this job and go travel the world!” It’s a scary thought to leave our job security and the world we know. I’m nervous and unsure but doing it anyway, it’s either now or never.

I’m a focused and determined person. I’ve loved being part of a business with the hope I would one day be helping to lead it. However time has changed, I’m not finding enjoyment in the race and competition to be the best to move up. I’ve done well in my ambitions but I’ve found it’s not where I’m happy in my life right now. I’m looking for some inspiration.

Mykonos, Greece.

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